It's no secret that businesses which are connected on the internet grow 2X  than businesses that have never been connected to the internet.

For businesses to have access to connectivity most of the small businesses(SME's) in developing countries like Kenya, have to sacrifice more money to have an affordable stable internet connection.

Small businesses like hotels/lodgers, restaurants, coffee shops , internet cafes, etc... heavily depend on having a stable wifi internet connection to attract more clients as they keep on visiting.

For example a study shows that Apartment's businesses in Kenya who list their spaces online including a Netflix add-on receives more clients booking.

Booking on TripAdvisor

Small businesses are spending about $5- $10K per year in maintaining a stable
internet connection to attract visits and as means to acquire clients as they keep coming back.

Depending on where you are in Africa, purchasing a gigabyte (GB) of mobile internet data can set you back as much as $1-20.

Let's do the Math,

if you are a small business owner and within a month you get 300 clients who use about 100-200 GB of data viewing and streaming multimedia content, within that year you need a minimum of 1.2TB to sustain your clients.

How much will 1.2TB cost you if you are running your business in a country like Mozambique receiving 3,600 clients who used about 3 GB each? 1GB cost $16 , 1.2TB will cost $19.200 yearly.

How can you reduce this fixed price 30% - 80% lower? 🤔

A fact is all users on the internet spend most of the time viewing multimedia content on  sites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Netflix etc, so when a user views 1GB of data from these websites after some time or the next day a user wants to rewatch the same data, user will have to be changed again for the same data, making a double payment.

If it's Europe or north America, people might find a way to pay for it or using other means as WiFi hotspots are all over within any establishment/store.

Getting back to our developing countries we see all SME's being double charged

So how can you avoid double chargers for the internet bandwidth when streaming common multimedia data?

If Netflix and Youtube had a baby 👼🏿

NodeOne can help you cut down your internet fixed cost by 30-80% lower when steaming multimedia data on the internet.

The Power of micro internet Networks

NodeOne has a preinstalled app called Reba which comes as a white label for any business, if Netflix and Youtube had a baby that would be Reba,

Reba is built on an AI algorithm that enables users to buy data packs from the business, each data pack spent while streaming is saved onto the NodeOne device for later usage for the same user or another new user searching for similar data, both user's won't have to pay again for the same data again. All data is saved for future usage on anyone connected to the NodeOne network.

In this way Reba solves the problem of double charges viewing common multimedia data on the internet. Find out more