In the past, building beyond a single-point connection required high-cost hardware solutions and software implementations to connect the in-between spaces needed for device to device communication. As IoT platforms have matured, a lot of new ways have been tested and developed in search for a new way to embrace a low-power, low-cost alternative that can bridge the gaps between these devices.

We have been researching and developing NodeOne™ a better and affordable way to enable anyone without technical skills to create and maintain a micro-internet network which embrace a low-power, low-cost alternative that can bridge the gaps between devices

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in setting up NodeOne™ is done in less than 20 minutes, The following are the 2 Steps describing how you can set up NodeOne™. 

1: Look for a clear line of site. First it always depends on the number of clients you want to serve and where they are located, once you have a clear line of site hoop the AP on a floor top or any heights point with a clear line of sight i.e make sure no building or trees are blocking your transmission this could affect your signal.

2: Add Repeaters: Once you have set your AP on a good position. You can add in more repeaters to increase your network's reach,
(optional) Connecting internet depends on what type of applications you are using or deploying NodeOne™ supports all 3G/4G internet providers.

After you done with the 2 steps you can then login into the Network Management Console to manage the network and see real time data analytics,

Deploying custom apps is as simple as dragging a file, for information please contact us to schedule a demo at support at